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About ERP in a Box™

What Is ERP in a Box?

"ERP in a Box" contains 50+ cards that encourage the highly effective practice of Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP). "ERP in a Box" delivers exact advice on how 

to carry out ERP. 

Resist compulsions but how? The cards are user-friendly and illustrate the network of skills needed to resist compulsions.

Confront fears but how? "ERP in a Box" clearly defines the pieces of the puzzle.

"ERP in a Box" can be used "on the go." Bring a card with you each day to remember your goal for the day. 

The cards are reflective and actionable, plus there are materials included in the box for exposure ideas. "ERP in a Box" makes getting started more convenient and likely to happen.

What Problem Does "ERP in a Box" Solve?

It gives people without immediate access to an OCD specialist a way to begin practicing ERP. 

It helps anxious clients apply the principles of ERP in between sessions.

It makes exposure exercises more concrete and readily accessible.

It promotes accountability by giving clients a way to measure their effort.

It shows family members how they can help their loved one "boss it back."

It gives practical ideas and guidance to therapists who are new to the treatment of OCD.

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Who Is It For?

ERP in a Box is for:

Individuals diagnosed with OCD and/or family members currently in therapy, on a wait list or looking for a way to supplement self-directed ERP.

Therapists who have a waiting list of people ready to get started with ERP. Therapists also use the box to assign homework in-between sessions.

Support groups looking for ways to discuss and learn more about the practice of ERP.

ERP in a Box is NOT for you if:

You've never heard of ERP before. 

(Learn about ERP at 

What People Say About ERP in a Box™

Genius! Brilliant!

"ERP in a Box" was exhibited at the OCD Conference in March 2018. Hundreds of people, including therapists and individuals with OCD, looked inside a box and exclaimed, "Genius! Brilliant!" The doctors at the BrainsWay exhibit (the new FDA approved treatment for OCD) stated, "I want one of each! ASAP!" Since purchasing the folks at BrainsWay have stated: "This is a great tool for developing provocations for many different obsessions/compulsions." 

Opened Up New Possibilities

Clients who were stuck suddenly got busy. I think the box provided structure and hope. As a therapist I get stuck myself. I can't seem to always motivate my clients to do exposure exercises. ERP in a Box opened up new possibilities. Each time we meet we review the contents of the box and celebrate completed cards.

It Felt Good

This box gave me hope. It felt good to do something about my OCD.  As soon as I look in my box I can replace feelings of helplessness with activity. I feel like I have more power.

Visual Reminder

Honestly, I haven't worked on every card yet. There's still some things I need to do. But, the exposure cards that I did work on don't even bother me anymore. I see the box and it reminds me I've still got work to do. 

Filled the Silence

I use the box contents for talking points with my clients who don't like to share much about what's on their mind and what they're doing about it. We look at a few cards, talk about them and come up with a plan. The cards have filled up a lot of silence.

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I Finally Feel Like I Can Help

All I've ever wanted to know is how to help my son. The box gives us something to do. We look through the cards together and pick an activity that he feels he can do. I finally feel like I can help him.

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*Due to the core concepts and principles of ERP, expansion packs are not stand alone products. Expansion Packs can only be purchased with or after "ERP in a Box" has been purchased. PLEASE NOTE: Basic knowledge of ERP is recommended. ERP in a Box is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a healthcare professional.

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